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Salmon fishing trips are the most requested by my customers. The season kicks off with the opening of the Sacramento, Feather and American Rivers with fish running from 5 to 50 lbs.  Side drifting roe underneath floats is one of the most exciting and rewarding techniques out there and is used when we fish the Chico and Corning areas on the Sacramento River and if the water flows are right the Feather, American and Klamath rivers as well. Trolling trips on the lower sections of the Sacramento and Feather rivers can also be very rewarding as we try to intercept these fish as they migrate to their spawning grounds.  Take downs are very aggressive and the fight is phenomenal.  Captain Brad’s custom homemade spinners and Kwikfish are the baits of choice.

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Striped Bass fishing trips on the California Delta, Sacramento and Feather Rivers give the angler an opportunity for lots of action.  These hard fighting fish are usually found in large schools and can be targeted by trolling and vertical jigging using light fishing tackle.  Spring is the most productive time to target this great game fish, but the fall months can be just as good.


Sturgeon fishing trips on the California Delta offer you the chance to catch the biggest fresh water fish in California.  October and November offer the best chance for success but the winter months through early spring can be just as rewarding.  Sturgeon put up a tremendous fight and is one of the best tasting fish you can catch.

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Mackinaw and Kokanee Salmon

Mackinaw fishing trips on Lake Tahoe and Stampede Reservoir are offered during the summer months.  Beautiful sunrises and great scenery are the norm here. Mackinaw, also known as Lake Trout, are targeted by either trolling or jigging from depths down to 400'.  The Lake Tahoe Mackinaw average in size from 2 to 8 lbs and make great table fare.  Lake Tahoe fishing trips are based from the North Shore with snacks and drinks provided for the 5 hour trip.


This is our 25 foot River Wild boat we use for fishing on Lake Tahoe.  It fits 6 fishermen comfortably.


This is our 25 foot Alumaweld boat we use for fishing on the Delta.  It fits 6 fishermen comfortably.

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